Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30: Saint Andrew

St. Andrew the Apostle
by Francisco de Zurbaran


Saint Andrew was Saint Peter’s brother. They were both fisherman. Andrew became a disciple of Saint John the Baptist, but when John announced that Jesus was the Lamb of God, Andrew chose to follow Jesus, the first of the 12 Apostles. Initially, Andrew and Peter kept fishing, but then Jesus promised to make them “fishers of men” so they left their boats and stayed with the Lord.


Here’s a fisherman snack to enjoy today. All you need are fish-shaped crackers, small stick-shaped pretzels and either peanut butter or a soft cheese (like cream cheese). Scatter the crackers on a plate (or on a sheet of blue construction paper to look like the ocean).  Add a small spoonful of peanut butter or cheese. Now take one of your fishing poles (the pretzels!), dip the end in the peanut butter or cheese and “catch” a fish to eat.

Saint Andrew the Apostle, pray for us!

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