Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21: St. Rufus


In the Gospel of Mark 15:21, we first hear of Rufus when his dad, Simon of Cyrene, was forced to carry Jesus' cross with Him by the Roman soldiers. Simon, Rufus and their whole family became strong and brave Christians. In fact, they were like family to St. Paul. When Paul wrote his letter to the Romans, he puts in a special greeting for Rufas and his mom, saying that she had been "a mother to me also." 


Throughout our lives, there are people who act as spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters for us, encouraging us to grow in our faith in many different ways - just like St. Rufus and his mom did for St. Paul. Who has done that for you? Your godparents? Your confirmation sponsor? Today, call or email that person to say hello and to thank them for helping you on your walk with Christ. 

Saint Rufus, pray for us!

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