Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4: Saint Florian

St. Florian
Photo by Oliver Abels


Saint Florian was an officer of the Roman army, and he was a Christian. Once he came upon a town where there was a raging fire. Florian prayed to the Lord and then threw a single bucket of water on the fire, and the flames died down immediately. Then the emperor found out that Florian was a Christian and sentenced him to be burned to death. Florian stood on top of the pile of wood and preached about Jesus. He told the soldiers that if they tried to burn him, he would climb the flames to heaven. So instead, the soldiers beat him and then threw him into a river with a heavy stone tied around his neck.


Saint Florian is a patron against fire. In his honor today, make sure that your family has a safety plan in case of fire. Every person in your family needs to know what to do when faced with fire, even the very youngest children. Plus, you should check your smoke detectors (vacuum them thoroughly!) and make sure you have a working fire extinguisher. Here is a checklist you can use.

Saint Florian, pray for us!

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