Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21: St. Constantine the Great

St. Constantine the Great


Constantine’s dad was a junior emperor for the Roman government, so when his dad died, Constantine became the next junior emperor. He put a symbol of Christ called the Chi-Rho on all his military flags and shields and won every battle. Constantine made Christianity a legal religion, ending a great deal of persecution. He made sure the Church had land on which to build churches and places to teach people about Jesus. Even though Constantine was not baptized until he lay dying, he was one of the most important Christians of his day.


The Chi-Rho is made up of two Greek letters: Chi, which looks like an X and sounds like a K, and Rho, which looks like a P and sounds like an R. These are the first two letters in the word Christ in Greek: Χριστός. It has been a symbol of faith in Christ for more than 1600 years. Today, make your own Chi-Rho emblem. You can either color one, or use Model Magic to form the two letters and press them together. When Model Magic dries, you can either decorate it with washable markers or spray it with a spray paint that will make it look like stone.

Saint Constantine the Great, pray for us!

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