Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10: Saint Solange

St. Solange


As a little girl, Solange promised herself as a bride to Christ. When she was a young woman, a rich young man tried to get her to marry him, but Solange said she belonged only to Jesus. The young man came back at night and kidnapped Solange. He got angry that she kept fighting back, so he cut off her head. According to legend, Solange called on the name of Jesus, picked up her own head and walked to the closest church before she died.


Stories like the legend of Solange help us remember how powerful God is to help us, no matter what happens. Today, buy a rose with a very long stem in memory of Solange (or cut one a stem from a bush you or a friend already own). Cut off the flower (head) and a little stem to keep in a bud vase with water. Then cut off the bottom of the stem so you have only 8" or so left. Even though the rose has been cut away from its bush and its head is cut off, you can make a living rose bush out of it when you follow these instructions.

Saint Solange, pray for us!

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