Saturday, May 31, 2014

June 1-7 Supply List

Here is the supply list for the suggested activities for next week, June 2 - 8. Feel free to improvise or to adjust activities to fit your family's preferences, skills and time allotment.

Monday: Computer printer with black cartridge, paper, coloring supplies (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.)

Tuesday: Clean, empty milk/juice cartons (quart or half-gallon work best, cardboard cartons, not plastic jugs - 1 per child), new taper candle (any color, 1 per child), paraffin, crayon stubs for coloring the wax (all in the same category, such as all greens, all reds, etc.), large tin can or an old pot from a thrift store that you won't mind throwing away later, larger pot that the can/old pot fits into with room for boiling water around it, wooden spoon, waxed paper, tin foil, rimmed baking sheet(s), ice cubes.

Wednesday: Ingredients for a Naples-style supper 
(or plan on pizza for an even easier meal)
(quantities below are for four average eaters; adjust as necessary for the size and appetite of your family)
      12 oz. ziti (or another pasta shape that you like) 
      1-1.5 lb. sweet or mild Italian sausage links
      Extra-virgin olive oil 
      1 28-oz can of Italian-style peeled tomatoes
      Hot pepper flakes (optional)
      Grated Romano or Parmesan cheese
      Broccoli, spinach or another green vegetable that your family enjoys
      Italian-style bread (optional)