Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27: St. Leander of Seville

Saint Leander


Born in Spain, Leander was a monk who later became bishop of Seville. He taught the two princes of Seville about Jesus, and they became Christians, which made their dad – the king – so angry, he exiled Leander to Constantinople. While Leander lived there, he became close friends with the man who would become Pope St. Gregory the Great. In fact, it was Leander who suggested that Gregory write one of his most famous books, “Morals on the Book of Job.”


Because Saint Leander was a holy man who loved Jesus very sincerely, he was very good at inspiring other people to a deep faith in the Lord. The fact that he and three of his siblings all became saints must mean they were good at inspiring each other. So today, think of a way you can inspire your brother or sister to love Jesus more than they already do. (Don’t forget to ask Saint Leander to pray that you’ll come up with a good idea.)

Saint Leander, pray for us!

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