Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13: St. Catherine de Ricci

St. Catherine de Ricci 


When Catherine de Ricci became a nun at the age of 14, her superiors realized she was a very good spiritual leader. She exchanged letters with quite a few other people, including Saint Philip Neri and three men who would later become pope: Marcellus II, Clement VIII, and Leo XI. Every Thursday from noon until Friday at 4 p.m., she was given a holy experience called an ecstasy. During that time, she would be totally focused on the Passion of Christ, as if she could see nothing but Jesus’ love, poured out for us on the Cross.


Today is Thursday! So, set an alarm to go off at noon, and then pause in your day to pray this prayer. Then, keep praying it at all your other regular prayer times (prayer before or after meals, prayers before bed, morning prayers, etc.) between noon today and 4 p.m. tomorrow.

St. Catherine de Ricci, pray for us!

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