Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16: Saint Juliana of Nicomedia

St. Julian of Nicomedia
(note demon in chains
at her feet)
Photo by Wolfgang Sauber


Juliana lived in Turkey many years ago, before Christianity was legal. She and her family were all pagans. But when Juliana learned about Jesus, she secretly got baptized. When her dad found out she was a Christian, he had her thrown in prison. Then a demon came to her pretending to be an angel, but Juliana could tell what it was. She overcame the demon with God’s help, but in the long run, she was killed for believing in Jesus.


When Juliana overcame the demon, it revealed to her that every time Christians attend Mass, the demons suffer. That’s another reason we should all go to Mass as much as we can! Today, check the Mass schedule in your town for the rest of this week and plan to attend Daily Mass when you can.

Saint Juliana, pray for us!

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