Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12: Saint Buonfiglio Monaldo

St. Buonfiglio Monaldo (center)
and the other Seven Holy Founders


One day on the Feast of the Assumption, seven men from Florentine, Italy, were inspired by a vision to start living a life of prayer and constant communion with the Lord. So, they left their jobs and homes and became hermits called the Servants of Mary or the Servites. Saint Buonfiglio was their first leader.


We all have very busy lives, and sometimes it can be hard for us to make time for God. Not everybody is called to do what Saint Buonfiglio and his brothers did by leaving their jobs and homes, but we should all take a little time away from everything for God. So today, get into a room by yourself – even if it’s only for a couple minutes – and pray to God. Then listen! Make a commitment to do this every day from now on.

Saint Buonfiglio Monaldo, pray for us! 

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