Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4: Saint Rosalia

Saint Rosalie by Martin Feuerstein 


Saint Rosalia was born into an important family. When she was still a young girl, she realized that Jesus was all that mattered to her. She left her beautiful home and moved into a cave, where she stayed hidden from the world and spent all her time praying to Jesus.


Rosalia understood that there were a lot of distractions in her life that could get in the way of her friendship with Jesus. We all have many distractions – friends and family, books and games, school, television and so much more. Today, let each child make a “cave” to stay in for a little while to keep away from all the distractions of the world. It can be an indoor tent or a sheet thrown over a folding table or anything else you can think of. Don’t take any toys or books into your “cave.” It should be just you and Jesus. You might find it hard to stay in the cave for very long, but just remind yourself we all need some quiet time with Jesus without distractions.

Saint Rosalia, pray for us!

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