Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14: Saint Notburga


Saint Notburga was born in Austria, the child of poor peasants. When she turned 18, she was able to get a job as a cook for a rich man, Count Henry. When Henry’s wife, Ottilia, found out that Notburga was giving leftover food from the household to poor people, she told Notburger to give the scraps to the count’s pigs instead. Having grown up poor, Notburga couldn’t bear to turn away a hungry person, so she started saving some of her own food for the poor. Ottilia got very angry and fired Notburga. So, Notburga wen to work in the fields for another family, cutting grain with a sickle. When Sunday came, the master told her to keep working instead of going to church. Notburger said, “Let my sickle be the judge between me and you!” She threw her sickle in the air, and it floated, so she went to church. 


Even after Notburga had a good job and had plenty to eat, she never forgot how hungry she was when she was poor. Most of us are very lucky that we have never known what it was like to go without food for more than a few hours. Today, be like Notburga and share your food with the poor. Pick out some of your favorite items and donate them to a food bank. 

Saint Notburga, pray for us!

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