Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25: St. Finbar

St. Finbar window
from Christ Church
in Dublin. Photo
by Andreas F. Borchert


Born in Ireland, Saint Finbar was originally named Lochan, but the monks who were his teachers called him Finnbharr (fair head) because of his very blond hair. He went on a pilgrimage to Rome with some of the monks, later becoming a priest and then the first bishop of County Cork. God did many miracles in answer to Saint Finbar’s prayers. God always provided for Finbar – in fact, every evening, he went down to a pool near the monastery where he lived with a net, and every night, he caught a salmon to eat for dinner.


Since it’s Saint Finbar’s feast day, it’s a good day to feast like he did. Here are two different Irish-style salmon recipes that you can try tonight: poached salmon with Irish butter sauce, or a more economical option, Irish-style salmon patties. (The salmon patties recipe includes green mayonnaise with jalapeƱos in it, but you can omit the peppers to make it milder for children.)

Saint Finbar, pray for us!

More reading for parents:

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