Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22: St. Thomas of Villanueva

"St. Thomas of Villanueva
Distributing Alms"
by Bartolomé Esteban Perez


Born in Spain more than 500 years ago, Saint Thomas of Villanueva grew up wealthy, but even as a little boy, he shared what he had with the poor. After he became a priest, he worked even harder to help the poor. He raised money for them, but he also came up with ways to end poverty. He helped create more jobs and he started colleges for children of poor people so they could get better jobs. Saint Thomas wanted to have a heart like the Blessed Mother’s. He wrote a sermon about her love for Jesus, comparing her heart to the burning bush of Moses that was always on fire but never burned up.


Remember what Saint Thomas of Villanueva said about having a heart that burned with love for Jesus with this craft project. Glue a sheet of red construction paper onto light cardboard (the side of a cereal box works well). Cut out one red heart shape for each child. Punch a hole into the heart with a hole punch. Then, cut 1” and 2” squares of red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Place the center of each square on end of a pencil eraser and wrap the tissue paper down the sides of the pencil. This will be a little tongue of fire. Before removing it from the pencil, dab the flat center with a glue stick, and then use the pencil to press it onto your red heart. It’s easier to start in the center and work your way out. Don’t forget to leave the hole uncovered. Then, thread a ribbon or string through the hold so you can hang your burning heart up in your room.

Saint Thomas of Villanueva, pray for us!

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