Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28: Pope Saint Hilary

Pope St. Hilary


Hilary was born in Italy during the 5th century. He worked for Pope Saint Leo the Great, and when Leo was died, Hilary was elected to be his successor. During both Leo and Hilary’s papacies, people were arguing about whether or not the pope was the true leader of the Church and several other issues. So there was a lot of divisions, and Hilary worked very hard to bring people back together in Christian unity, and he succeed in France, Spain, Africa and Gaul (which is where Luxembourg and Belgium are today). 


Today there are even more divisions in the Church than there were 1500 years ago, with tens of thousands of non-Catholic denominations all teaching things a little differently. Bringing all of us back together as one Church is a huge challenge. It would take a miracle! Luckily God is good at miracles. Today, read John 17:20-23 in your bible, which is Jesus’ prayer that all Christians would remain one Church. Then pray that the Lord will help you work toward Christian unity with your non-Catholic family and friends.

Pope Saint Hilary, pray for us!

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