Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25: Saint Tarasius


St. Tarasius was a very smart man and a very charitable one. When he was elected patriarch of Constantinople (the highest ranking bishop), his first goal was to organize a General Council to resolve some arguments that were happening between different dioceses within the Church. He also worked very hard to make sure all the priests and bishops and laypeople were living holy lives. He even went to visit every single house and every single hospital in Constantinople, offering help to whomever needed it.  


Saint Tarasius visited every person in the town where he lived. But sometimes, we get too busy to even notice our own neighbors Even if you live in farm country, where the houses are a half-mile or more apart, you still have neighbors. Today, make it a point to check in on a neighbor you haven’t seen for a while. Just pop over to say hello and find out how they are. If you find out they need something, offer to help. Either way, be sure you pray for them. 

Saint Tarasius, pray for us!

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