Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1: Saint Brigid of Ireland

Saint Brigid of Ireland
Photo by Elke Wetzig


Brigid became a religious sister when she was still quite young. She was so close to God, many of the things she prayed for came true. For example, she once went to a king to ask for land to build a convent, but he said know. After praying that God would soften his heart, Brigid asked for only enough land that her cloak would cover. When the king agreed, she spread her cloak on the ground and asked four friends to each take a corner and walk in opposite directions. The cloak grew until it covered many acres of land, which showed the king how godly Brigid was and cause him to change his ways and live for Jesus. 


In addition to the convent, Brigid started a school of art. For many, many years, people have been making Saint Brigid crosses out of rushes (reeds). You can make yours out of raffia or pipe cleaners from a craft store (instructions here at Fisheaters). 

Saint Brigid of Ireland, pray for us!

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