Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20: Saint Wulfric

St. Wulfric


Wulfric lived in England almost 1,000 years ago. When he was a new priest, he was really selfish and cared more about doing what he wanted to do than helping others. Then he met a beggar, and his eyes were suddenly opened to what it meant to be a humble servant of the Lord. For the rest of his life, he lived as a hermit in a little cell next to a church. He ate and slept very little. Sometimes he would spend hours reciting the psalms while sitting in a bath of cold water. He became so holy, that people would come to see him for spiritual help and even physical healing. 


Sometimes making ourselves a little uncomfortable is a good way to make sure that we stay focused on what we are praying. In our culture, we usually kneel. Today, why not try one of Wulfric’s techniques? Pray when you are hungry – or pray while you take a cold bath or shower. (Cold water won’t hurt you or make you sick – and you’ll get just as clean. You simply won’t enjoy it.) 

Saint Wulfric, pray for us!

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