Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29: St. Berthold

St. Berthold


Berthold was a priest in Palestine. There were a lot of people living as hermits all over the region, each doing their own thing. Berthold got them together to live in a community on Mount Carmel. So, he helped start the Carmelite Order, which is still very large and active today. He was the first superior of the order, which means he created their rule of life.


Part of the rule of the Carmelite Order is the way the community prays. Throughout the world, some Carmelite orders observe what is called “Saturday Station.” This special prayer is based on the traditional belief that from the burial of Jesus in the tomb throughout Saturday, Mary kept the hope of His Resurrection alive in her heart. It’s a beautiful devotion for a Saturday night in Lent! Try it with your family today.

Saint Berthold, pray for us!

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