Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23: St. Turibius of Mongrovejo

St. Turibius of Mongrovejo


Saint Turibius was one of the first saints of the New World. He was born in Spain where he was a brilliant student. He became a law professor and then a judge for the Church. When he was appointed Archbishop of Lima in Peru, he wasn’t even a priest yet! But the pope knew he was holy and faithful, and could solve all the problems in that archdiocese. He was quickly ordained priest and bishop and got on a boat for Peru. He arrived to find that the Spanish conquistadors had forced the native people into slavery. Turibius worked very hard to correct the problems. He studied the people’s language and traveled all over to meet everybody, winning them over with his deep love for Christ and for them.


Saint Turbibius is the patron for Native American rights because of the work he did to raise the dignity of the Natives in Peru from poverty and slavery to a more comfortable way of life. They were even able to enjoy some little luxuries. Today, make these Peruvian cookies called Alfajores. Each bite is a little luxury.

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo, pray for us!

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