Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19: Feast of Saint Joseph

St. Joseph
(with the Christ Child)
by Robert Delonge


Not much is known about Saint Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus. He was a carpenter, and he was a righteous man. When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant with the Son of God, he bravely accepted what the angel told him and took Mary home as his wife. When the king tried to kill Baby Jesus, he protected Mary and the Christ Child and took them to Egypt as an angel directed him. He loved Jesus and took care of him.


All around the world today, Catholics are celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph. Many wear red to honor him. Another tradition is to put a small table on top of a larger one and heap both with food, giving most of it to the poor. In Europe, it’s very popular to eat an Italian supper with pasta and fava beans. They enjoy sfinge (a sort of fritter filled with a sweetened ricotta cream and chocolate chips) or zeppole (a round of flaky, fried dough filled with vanilla custard). If you live in a city with an Italian bakery, you might be able to buy some of those pastries. In many countries, St. Joseph Day is also Father’s Day, and people honor the dads in their family with gifts, cards and hugs. So, put on some red clothing, explore these St. Joseph’s Feast recipes and tell your dad you love him.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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