Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1: Saint David

St. David of Wales
All Saints Episcopal Church, San Francisco
Photo by AJ Alfieri-Crispin


Tradition tells us that David was a prince of Wales. His mother, Non, was also a saint. David became a priest and worked as a missionary. He also started monasteries all over Wales. God was able to use David to build the faith of people through miracles. Once, he was preaching in the middle of a crowd, and a small hill rose up beneath his feet, raising him above the other people’s heads so everybody could hear him. Then a white dove settled on his shoulder, showing the people that David was the servant of God. 


Because Saint David is the patron of Wales, people celebrate Saint David's Feast Day there. Children dress in traditional Welsh clothing, and people pin daffodils to their clothing. And for dinner, they frequent enjoy cawl, a hearty beef stew with winter veggies. Try it!

Saint David, pray for us!

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