Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8: Saint Jerome Emiliani

St. Jerome Emiliani


Jerome Emiliani was a powerful military commander in Venice, Italy. He didn’t think he needed God…until Venice was overthrown by an army, and Jerome was thrown into prison. That’s when Jerome realized that he couldn’t do things on his own. He gave himself to God. When he got out of prison, he became a priest and dedicated himself to helping orphans. 


Sometimes, we think we can do things all by ourselves. But we really need God to help us. And when we rely on God, we can do even greater things than we ever could have imagined. Today, think about the things that you are used to doing “on your own” and instead, bring God into them by praying before you do them. Don’t forget to ask Him what He wants you to do – and listen for the answer. 

Saint Jerome Emiliani, pray for us!

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