Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10: Saint Scholastica/Ash Wednesday

Special Note: 

Today is Ash Wednesday. While this is not a Holy Day of Obligation, going to Mass is a perfect way to start Lent. Remember that today is also a day of abstinence (no meat or anything made with meat, such as beef broth) and fasting (one small meal and two snacks to replace other meals with no eating between, limited to healthy people from teens to age 59 who are not pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering a chronic illness or manual laborers who need good meals in order to work). If you like, take a selfie featuring the ashes you receive and post it on social media sites with the hashtag #ashtag. 

Saint Scholastica
Lost Angeles County
Museum of Art


Both Scholastica and her twin brother, Saint Benedict, dedicated their lives to God.  Scholastica started a monastery for women about five miles away from Benedict's monastery. They were both so busy, they only saw each other once a year to pray together and talk about God. Once, it was time for Benedict to go back to his monastery, but Scholastica wanted him to stay. She prayed that God would keep Benedict with her one more day, and a terrible thunderstorm started so he had to spend the night. This is why many people ask Saint Scholastic to pray for them if they are stuck in a storm.


The prayer and conversations that Benedict and Scholastica shared helped both of them grow in their faith in God. Today, have a chat with one of your siblings (or a parent or cousin) about God.

Saint Scholastica, pray for us!

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