Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24: Saint John Theristus

St. John Theristus


Born in Sicily, John grew up to be a Benedictine monk in Calabria. He was a holy person, and God was able to use him to work miracles. Once, he helped some farmers miraculously harvest a big crop before a terrible storm came and destroyed it all, which saved local people from starvation. This is why he is called “Theristus”, which means, “harvester.”


Saint John Theristus was more concerned about harvesting souls for the kingdom of God than he was harvesting veggies, but he did both. You can do both, too. Start some seeds for your own home garden. Even if you don’t have a yard that’s big enough to plant a full-fledged garden, you can grow tomatoes, lettuce, peppers,herbs and more in pots.  And if you don’t have a pot, you can just use a regular bag of potting soil as a planter. Use a seed starter-tray to get your seeds growing, or you can use a paper egg carton covered with plastic wrap and set on a sunny window sill. Then when you harvest your crops, remember to share the extras with people you know so that you can bring them the love of Christ in a very practical way. 

Saint John Theristus, pray for us!

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