Friday, January 15, 2016

January 16: Saint Fursey

"St. Fursey & the Monk"


Saint Fursey was born in Ireland, the grandson of King Finlog. His mother was a Christian and gave him a Christian education. Fin log became a holy priest, traveling all around Ireland and England with his brothers Foillan and Ultan to tell people about Jesus. Sometimes, he saw visions of saints and angels, who taught him how to be a better preacher. Many people became Christians after hearing Saint Fursey’s teachings. 


Here is a beautiful prayer that Saint Fursey taught people. Pray it as a family today. 

Prayer of St. Fursey
The arms of God be around my shoulders,
The touch of the Holy Spirit upon my head,
The sign of Christ's cross upon my forehead,
The sound of the Holy Spirit in my ears,
The fragrance of the Holy Spirit in my nostrils,
The vision of heaven's company in my eyes, 
The conversation of heaven's company on my lips,
The work of God's Church with my hands.
The service of God and my neighbour in my feet,
And a home for God in my heart,
And to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit my entire being,

Saint Fursey, pray for us!

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