Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27: St. Francesco Antonio Fasani


Francesco was bon in Italy and became a Franciscan priest in 1705. He was a good teacher and a good leader. After serving his congregation for some years, he became pastor of a church back in his home town. Everybody loved him because he was sincere, humble and devout. His example led people to pray more and to go to confession. And he always remembered to help the poor. 


In the U.S., today is called "Black Friday", an ominous name for the first day of Christmas shopping. People are generally encouraged to spend a whole lot of money. But that's not what St. Francesco would tell us to do. So, instead of  going to a mall to shop today, go to church and make a holy hour. And then go through your house to find every useful thing that is not being used and donate it to the poor. 

Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani, pray for us!

More reading for parents:

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