Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10: Saint Leo the Great

St. Pope Leo the Great
by Francisco Herrera the Younger
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain


As pope, Saint Leo accomplished many amazing things, which is why he is called “Leo the Great.” One thing he did was make our beliefs about Jesus being God as well as man (“God Incarnate”) absolutely clear. When Attila the Hun, who was trying to take over the whole world by force, arrived in Rome, Pope Leo met him at the gates of the city and convinced him to leave without stealing anything or hurting anybody.


The name “Leo” means “lion,” and Saint Leo the Great was certainly a lot like a lion in the work he did for Jesus. Celebrate his faith and courage by making a cake and decorating it to look like a lion. Here are some easy instructions that start with a simple round cake, frosting, cookies and candy.

Saint Leo the great, pray for us!

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