Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5: Saint Afra


Saint Afra and her mother, Hilaria, were criminals. Then Bishop Narcissus of Spain came to stay with them. He didn't know they were criminals. He treated them respectfully and told them about Jesus. Both Afra and Hilaria were impressed with his holiness and they became Christians. When, officers came to Afra’s house to arrest Bishop Narcissus, she hid him under a pile of flax she was using to weave fabric. Eventually, Afra was arrested and killed for believing in Jesus.  


Back when Saint Afra and her mom became Christians, it was dangerous to admit you believed in Jesus. Christians tried to help the Church by hiding bishops and priests in their homes. Would your house be a good place to hide a priest if he was in danger of being arrested? Find out by playing hide and seek.

Saint Afra, pray for us!

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