Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10: Saint Lawrence


Saint Lawrence was a priest who served the poor and needy. The prefect of Rome started persecuting Christians. He even killed the pope. He was so greedy, he ordered Lawrence to bring all the Churches treasures to him. Lawrence agreed to do this. He came back with every poor and sick person he could find and told the prefect, “This is the Church’s treasure!” The prefect angrily ordered soldiers to torture Lawrence to death. They tied Lawrence to a large iron grill over a fire. Lawrence was so filled with love for God, he hardly felt the flames. He even joked to the soldiers, “Turn me over. I’m done on this side.” Before he died, he prayed that everyone in Rome would become Christians, and that the Catholic faith would spread all over the world…which it has.


Today, cook your supper over a grill in honor of Saint Lawrence. When you pray before you eat, add a prayer for people all over the world to become Christians. 

Saint Lawrence, pray for us!

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