Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30: St. Jeanne Jugan

St. Jeanne Jugan


Jeanne Jugan was born in France in 1792. He mom was a widow who worked very hard to care for her eight children, all living together in a one-room cottage with a dirt floor. At age 16, Jeanne went to work as a kitchen maid for a rich family who helped a lot of power people. From them, Jeanne leaned what Christian charity really meant. Years later, she met a Christian lady named Mile. Together they would go to Mass every day, pray, teach catechism to the local children and help the poor. Jeanne went on to start the Little Sisters of the Poor, opening houses to take in people who needed help. To support these guests, Jeanne instructed the Little Sisters to go door to door with a basket, asking for donations of food, clothing and money. 


The Little Sisters of the Poor have continued to grow and expand since St. Jeanne Jugan died in 1879. They are now in 31 countries around the world, and they still beg for donations to help them support the many poor people they serve. You can help by sending a donation to them. Even better, you can take a basket and visit the neighbors you know, asking them to make a donation to help the poor. Pray for every one who gives you a contribution. 

Saint Jeanne Jugan, pray for us!

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