Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14: St. Methodius I

St. Mehodius


Saint Methodius grew up in a wealthy family, and his parents thought he would work for the government someday. However, he was called by God to serve the Church. He became an abbot, a leader of a monastery, during a time when some Christians thought that any image or statue in a church was wrong. There were many arguments and debates, and Saint Methodius was even arrested because he was in favor of keeping statues and icons in churches so that people would have something lovely to look at when they worshiped God. Saint Methodius worked hard to keep the Church unified. He wrote beautiful sermons and poetry about God to inspire people to think about Jesus instead of arguing.


Did you ever hear a wonderful story or poem that made you think about Jesus? Somebody wrote that. If you can speak words, you can write a poem or story that will show other people how much you love Jesus. Your poem can rhyme or not. It can follow a simple structure like Haiku or you can make up your own structure.

Saint Methodius, pray for us! 

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