Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10: St. Landry

St. Landry


Very soon after Saint Landry was made the bishop of Paris, he realized that there were many sick people in the city, and nobody to care for him. He built the first major hospital in Paris, dedicating it to Saint Christopher. Later on, during a famine, he was so concerned about the poor, he sold his own furniture to help relieve their suffering.


Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that there are people who don’t have enough clothes to wear or food to eat, or even a comfortable place to sleep. Think about what you could give up to help somebody in need. Do you have an extra jacket? A sleeping bag you never use? Maybe some stuffed animals that could give many children comfort when they go to sleep at night? Today, pack them up and take them to your local Saint Vincent de Paul Society or another organization that helps needy families.

Saint Landry, pray for us!

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