Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1: Saint Justin Martyr


Saint Justin is called the first great apologist – the first person to go out and talk about Jesus to people who didn’t believe in Him. He became a Christian at a time when most Christians hid their faith because they were afraid of being teased, hated or even arrested. Justin wasn’t scared. He would talk to people and write out long arguments (or “apologies”) proving the Christian faith is true. He was killed because he was a Christian, which is why he a martyr.


Be an apologist like Saint Justin Martyr by telling people why it's good to believe in Jesus. Make an “I believe in Jesus because ____” poster. Younger children can draw pictures while parents help write the words. Hang your poster on the front of your house or in your bedroom window.

Saint Justin Martyr, pray for us!

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