Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5: Saint Hilary of Arles

St. Hilary of Arles


Hilary joined an abbey and became a monk when he was quite young. The abbey was run by his relative, Saint Honoratus. Honoratus became the bishop of Arles, and then when he died, Hilary was named bishop at the age of 29. Even though he was a bishop, Hilary worked as a laborer to raise money for the poor. He always dressed in humble clothing and walked everywhere. Hilary also trained his mind to be so focused on Christ that even the most annoying things didn’t bother him or anger him. 


Hilary lived with the bare necessities so that he could help the poor. Today, think of expenses that you can eliminate in your family so that you have more money to share with those in need. Can you walk or ride your bikes more places and save on gas? Can you eat a vegetarian meal a couple times a week to reduce your grocery bill? Or give up a treat once a week? Can you give up cable television? Make a plan, figure out how much money you will save and set that money aside each week to donate to a Catholic social services program in your area. 

Saint Hilary, pray for us!

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