Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29: Saint Julia Maria Ledóchowska

Mother Ursula (Saint Julia
Maria Ledóchowska) in 1907


Julia was fortunate to grow up in a Polish family that was devoted to Christ. Shortly before he died, her father gave Julia his blessing to join the Ursuline sisters, where she became a teacher. She was sent to Russia to open a boarding school and became Mother Ursula. But at the beginning of World War I, she was expelled from Russia and went to Sweden After the war, Mother Ursula and her sisters brought dozens of orphans back to Poland. She started her own branch of the Ursulines called the Ursuline Sisters of the Heart of Jesus in Agony. 


For people who had lost homes, family members and jobs because of the war, Mother Ursula and her sisters were almost like angels, providing practical help as well as spiritual support. Today, make these Polish “Angel Wing” cookies – they are very simple and light, and they cook on top of the stove. 

Saint Julia Maria Ledóchowska, pray for us!

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