Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28: Blessed Margaret Pole

Drawing of Bl. Margaret Pole
Photo by lisby1


Margaret was a lady of noble birth – her uncles were King Edward IV and Richard III of England, and she was Countess of Salisbury. She and her husband, Reginald Pole, raised five sons. Sometime after Reginald died, Margaret found herself in a public disagreement with King Henry VIII. He had started out as a faithful Catholic believer, but when the Church said he could not divorce his wife, he started his own church. When he married another woman, Margaret took a stand against him, and so did two of her grown sons. After being imprisoned in the Tower of London for two years, they were executed. 


Bl. Margaret Pole's
family Coat of Arms
Bl. Margaret Pole and her husband taught their children to be faithful to Christ and the Church. Her family Coat of Arms is full of symbols of courage and faith. Today, make a Coat of Arms for your family. Here is a website that makes it easy, with an explanation of the colors and symbols that lets you choose what represents what your family stands for, and here’s another with a bigger choice of symbols (and the opportunity to have your Coat of Arms printed on t-shirts and other merchandise). Or you can simply use this blank shield and draw your own ideas. 

Blessed Margaret Pole, pray for us!

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