Saturday, June 7, 2014

Supply List for June 8-14

Here is the supply list for the suggested activities for next week, June 1 - 7. Feel free to improvise or to adjust activities to fit your family's preferences, skills and time allotment.

Sunday, Feast of Pentecost: We are suggesting various activities so you can celebrate all day. You may or may not need: red clothing, ingredients for a special dinner, ingredients for birthday cake, various white food items, paper, crayons, glue, staplers, glitter (optional), kites.

Monday: butter, 16 oz. mini marshmallows, 5 cups of crisp rice cereal, 3 cups of alphabet-shaped cereal, 13x9 pan, cooking spray, waxed paper, wooden spoon.

Tuesday: Clothing and household items to donate to the needy (any amount).

Friday: Saint Anthony prayer card(s)

Saturday: Paper, pencil or pen