Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17: St. Emily de Viala


When St. Emily de Vialar was only 15 years old, her mother died. Emily left school to run her wealthy father’s household. Her father wanted her to marry, but Emily was more concerned with caring for poor people and children who were neglected by their parents. Fifteen years later, she used money she inherited from her grandfather to buy a large house and moved in with three other women who worked with her to serve needy people. Within three months, there were twelve women working together, and the archbishop allowed them to become a religious order, the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph.


Did you know that all Christians are supposed to do acts of charity, not just religious sisters? Talk about what kind of charity work your family already does, like giving a tithe to church. What else can you do to help people who are less fortunate?

St. Emily de Viala, pray for us!

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