Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 30: Saint Aldegundis

St. Aldegundis


Saint Aldegundis was from Flanders (Belgium). Her parents were Saint Walbert and Saint Bertila, and her sister was Saint Waldetrudis. Imagine having four people in your family become saints! They were a royal family, and everybody expected Aldegundis to get married to an important man, but she chose to be wed to Christ. She became a religious sister. One day, Aldegundis heard God calling her to start a new convent across the river Sambre. As the story goes, she walked on the water across the river to choose the site.


Honor Saint Aldegundis today with a simple but delicious Belgian-style dinner: savory meatloaf  and roasted Brussels sprouts. Also, because Saint Aldegundis died of breast cancer, she is a patron for those who suffer from cancer. Be sure to ask Saint Aldegundis to pray for anybody you know who is fighting cancer today. 

Saint Aldegundis, pray for us!

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