Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14: Saint Felix of Nola

St. Felix of Nola
(See the spider web?)


Felix was the son of a Roman soldier, born in the third century. After his father died, Felix gave away all his money to the poor and became a priest. But it was hard to be a Christian in those days, because Christianity was against the law. The bishop fled to the desert to avoid being arrested, so Felix was taken to jail instead. God sent an angel to set him free. Felix had to hide from soldiers so that he could be a priest to the people. Every time he hid somewhere, spiders would spin webs over the door so that soldiers would think that nobody had been through it for a very long time.


Isn’t it interesting how even one small spider can make a big difference by doing God’s will? Today, make your own spider web to hang in the doorway of your bedroom. All you need is a paper plate, some yarn (white or any other color), a hole punch, black construction paper, and some tape.

1.   Cut out the center of the plate (an adult should do this part, or at least get you started), leaving a rim about 1”-2” wide.
2.   Punch holes all around the outer edge of the plate.
3.   Cut a piece of yarn about 3 feet long. Tape one end to the back of the plate, and then wrap the other end with a piece of tape to be your “needle.”
4.   Thread the yarn into a hole across from where you taped it to the plate. Keep working back and forth across the plate, threading the yarn as you go. When you run out of yarn, tape the end to the back and get a second piece if you want to. When your web is finished, make a small loop of yarn for hanging up your web.
5.    Cut out a spider shape from the black construction paper and tape it to the web. (Alternatively, you could use a plastic spider if you can find one!). 

Saint Felix of Nola, pray for us!

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