Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18: Saint Joseph Cupertino


When Saint Joseph Cupertino was young, he was slow and easily distracted. He also had a bad temper. Nobody liked him – not even his own mother! He couldn’t find a job, and two monasteries rejected him. Finally, he got a job as a servant for the Franciscans. He had to work very hard, but he became gentle and humble, and more careful. The Franciscans made him a real member of their order and he became a priest. After he was ordained, God started working miracles through him. Very often when he was celebrating Mass, he would become so enraptured by God, he would even float up to the air.


It’s hard to imagine being so connected with God that you’d float in the air when you prayed to Him, isn’t it? It only happens rarely, and it only happens to people who have great faith, great humility and great love. To help you remember Saint Joseph Cupertino’s transformation from a boy nobody liked, who couldn’t do anything right, to a saint who levitated with his ecstasy for the Lord, make your own “levitating” saint. 
First, cut a small shape like a gingerbread man from a plastic grocery sack or produce bag (the thinner the plastic, the better). If you want to, you can draw on a little face. Then blow up a balloon and tie it shut. Rub the balloon on the hair of one side of your head, and rub the plastic man on the other side of your head for 30 seconds. Now, holding the balloon in front of you, float the plastic saint above the balloon. You should be able to walk around with your levitating saint floating above the balloon. (Watch a video of this science project to see more.)  

Saint Joseph Cupertino, pray for us!

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