Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11: Saint Paphnutius the Great


Paphnutius was from Egypt. After he learned about Jesus, he spent several years in the desert where he got spiritual direction from Saint Antony. Paphnutius eventually became a bishop. He was attacked for being a Christian, but he returned to his people as soon as he could and considered all his scars and losses to be a chance to glorify Jesus. He was invited to the first general council of the Church at Nicaea, where he spoke with great wisdom and mercy.


One of the things that came from the Council of Nicaea was the Nicene Creed. This simple statement of faith is a good reflection on the type of Christianity that Paphnutius taught and practiced. Today, pray the Nicene Creed as a family. 

Saint Paphnutius the Great, pray for us!

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