Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10: Saint Peter Martinez


Saint Peter Martinez was born in Spain. As a young man, he became a Benedictine priest, eventually leading the whole abbey. At that time, there was a region of Spain where Christians were being forced out by people who had different ideas about God. Peter led the effort to reclaim that territory for Christianity. He was also one of the composers of the Salve Regina, a hymn and prayer that is still used today.  


Many Catholics pray the Salve Regina regularly. In English, we call this prayer, “Hail,Holy Queen.” It is cry to the Lord’s mother, begging her to pray for us while we struggle against sin. It has also been turned into Gregorian Chant, which you can listen to it here, and composed as a hymn, which you can hear here 

Saint Peter Martinez, pray for us!

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