Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7: Saint Cloud

St. Cloud statue from
a hospital in St. Cloud, MN


Clodoald, or Cloud, was in line to become King of France, but he had a mean uncle who was killing everybody who stood in his way. Cloud’s two older brothers were killed, but he got away. He wasn’t interested in becoming king anyway. He wanted to be a priest, and he worked hard at teaching people to love Jesus and to live lives of purity and devotion.


Did you know you can turn a bar of Ivory soap into a cloud? Follow these instructions, and then take your Saint Cloud’s Day Clouds into the bath. (You can cut one bar into thirds or fourths to make an individual cloud for each child.) As you make the outside of your body pure, think about making the inside of your heart pure, too. 

Saint Cloud, pray for us!

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