Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6: Saint Eleutherius the Abbot

Saint Eleutherius the Abbot (Image from SQPN)


Saint Eleutherius was a simple man of great faith who was the head of a monastery. He helped a child who was possessed by the devil. But then Eleutherius became full of pride and said that the child would be safe in the monastery school because of all the good men who lived there. The devil attacked the child again, and Eleutherius realized his mistake. He fasted and prayed with all the other monks until the child was free again. After that, when Eleutherius prayed for a miracle, it usually happened. 


When God answers our prayers for a miracle – like He did for Saint Eleutherius – it’s a sweet experience! Here’s a pretend “miracle” with a sweet ending to help you remember to strive to say and pray for the right things. “Miracle” Peach Cobbler is not really a miracle because it’s kitchen chemistry that makes the crust appear, but it’s a fun way to remember the miracles that Saint Eleutherius prayed for.

Saint Eleutherius the Abbot, pray for us!

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