Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12: St. John Gaulbert


Saint John Gaulbert was raised to know and love Jesus, but when he was a young man, he forgot all about Christ and lived only to please himself. Then something terrible happened. John's only brother, Hugo, was murdered. John decided to take justice into his own hands and kill his brother's murderer. One Good Friday, he had the murderer cornered and drew his sword to kill him. But the other man fell on his knees and begged John to let him live, in the name of Jesus. John felt a holy forgiveness in his heart. He put away his sword, hugged the murderer and then went to church to ask forgiveness for his sins. Soon, John became a humble and holy monk who helped many people. 


John had every right to be angry at the man who murdered his brother, but the Holy Spirit changed his heart and enabled him to forgive. Many times, we keep anger in our hearts instead of forgiving somebody who did something wrong to us, but this is not how Christians are supposed to live. Today, ask God to help you forgive anybody you are still angry with. 

Saint John Gaulbert, pray for us!

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