Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9: Saint Pachomius

St. Pachomius


Pachomius was born around 292 and became an Egyptian soldier. Christians were so kind to him and the other soldiers that he became a Christian, too. He joined a monk named Palemon, and the two of them prayed constantly, day and night. After a while, Pachomius started the first ever-monastic order, writing the Rule of living for all the men and women who joined it.


A monastery is kind of like a family, except with only brothers or sisters living together. Each monastery has a Rule to help everybody live in harmony. Families also have rules to live by – sometimes written out, sometimes “unwritten” rules. It’s a good idea to have written rules that keep your family’s faith front and center at all times. Today, write out your family’s faith rules. You can make them fancy (see example at the right) or simple, but be sure they get on the wall today.

Saint Pachomius, pray for us!

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