Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19: Pope St. Celestine V

Pope St. Celestine V


His parents named him Peter, and he became a hermit when he was 20, spending all his time in prayer and Bible study. When he was 84, the world had been without a pope for 2 years because the College of Cardinals could not agree whom to elect. Peter wrote them a note telling them that God was not pleased, so the cardinals elected him pope! Peter was not happy – he even tried to run away. Finally, he accepted and took the name Celestine V. Unfortunately, he was so humble and unable to say no, people started to use him to get what they wanted. After five months, Pope Celestine went to the cardinals to apologize for doing a terrible job. He resigned and a new pope was elected. 


It can be really hard to figure out what we are supposed to do. Sometimes, even the people who God gives us as leaders can make a mistake and give us tasks that are way too hard for us. When that happens, we must remember to be like Pope Saint Celestine V. He tried and when he realized he was failing again and again, he resigned. Think about your own life today - is there something you need to humbly admit that you're not able to handle? 

Pope Saint Celestine V, pray for us!

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