Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 3: Saint Ewald and Saint Ewald


A long time ago in England, there were two brothers, both named Ewald and both priests. One was called, “Ewald the Dark” because his hair was dark, and the other was called “Ewald the Fair” because his hair was blond. They went to Germany as missionaries and spent each day celebrating Mass together. But this terrified the pagans who did not believe in Jesus. They murdered both Ewalds and threw their bodies into the Rhine river. Miraculously, their bodies floated against the current for 40 miles with a heavenly light shining above them. A friend of theirs found their bodies and buried them.


Honor both Saint Ewalds today with a Saint Ewalds Float. Put a spoonful of vanilla ice cream in a glass. Pour in about a half cup of cream soda and mix thoroughly. Then fill the glass to within an inch of the rim with more cream soda. Float a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small scoop of chocolate ice cream on top for Ewald the Fair and Ewald the Dark.

Saint Ewald and Saint Ewald, pray for us!

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